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Senior Corporate Structure

At the heart of Priory Asset Management LLP is a strong Management team, all selected for their skills, professionalism and ability to manage all elements of the day to day running of their division of the company. The Management team prides itself on the strong relationships that it has with all the specialist consultancies used so that they understand the vision and mission of the company.

The Senior Management Members include:-

Stuart Grundy                       Jo Grundy Senior Member                      Interiors Coordinator

Ben Kirkman  
Projects Manager   

Priory Asset Management LLP is a privately owned British property development company who facilitate the building of market leading developments within the Extra Care, Respite and Dementia Care fields. This is achieved using innovative financial instruments, enabling continued investment even during tougher economic times.

The designated member of PAM has been involved in the development of property for over 25 years and is recognised as a forward thinking Partnership which looks to enhance areas with aesthetic and environmentally minded buildings, designed with the Extra Care, Respite and Dementia Care market for the over 55’s in mind.

As with any large project, there are many partnering companies and PAM is proud to be associated with leading practices in many fields including Architects, M&E consultants and technical advisors, details of which can be seen below.

The management team and partners of PAM are focused on developing much needed facilities and housing, something which during tough economic times will go a long way to help drive forward the communities that they work within.

“Whilst challenging economic times cause concern, they also force initiative and innovation. If we act upon initiative and innovation we will change the challenging times.”

Partner Companies

Landscape Architects


Civil, Structural and Environmental Consultants

Grant Thornton

Independent Assurance, Tax and Advisory Firm

Community and Environmental Managers

BDB Pitmans



Cost Consultants

Highways Consultants


Mechanical and 

Electrical Consultants


Planning and Environmental Consultants


M&E Consultants

Site Engineers

Project Managers


Structural and Civil Engineers


Graphic Designer

CGI Artist