In a changing world, Priory Asset Management is working to ensure that it is at the forefront of initiatives to challenge growing environmental, economic and social issues. These include:-

  • The supply of high quality accommodation and facilities for the over 55’s
  • The release of housing stock back into the community as residents move into new PAM led developments
  • By citing our developments on brownfield or low value amenity Greenfield land we are in effect protecting Green Belt land which might otherwise be released for residential development
  • Employment opportunities during construction and in the long term, plus the resultant boost to the local economy
  • Incorporating significant environmentally friendly sustainable design solutions in all our developments
  • Improved landscaping and amenities which will be made available to the general public

As part of Priory Asset Management’s measures to try and protect the environment for future generations and take the lead in adopting green initiatives within the Care Home field, we believe that the use of some of the systems detailed on this website shows our commitment to this cause.

During the construction phase, it would be possible for cheaper, less efficient systems to be installed, but in the long term, these would not necessarily save money as the cost of fuel rises and the need to become greener becomes more and more important.

Given the initial investment for modern, energy efficient equipment is often higher, we believe that this will in the long-term reduce the need to upgrade plant and machinery as the developments will already be utilising the latest forms of energy generation for heat and light. As the business model for PAM does not rely on funding from the government, the cost to undertake these modern, energy efficient installations is met by us as part of the development construction costs.
We believe that it is key that any development that is proposed helps address social, economic and environmental challenges that may be faced within a community.

It is clear that there is a need for good quality Extra Care and Respite/Dementia accommodation across the UK, plus the need to make some of this available under affordable housing schemes.

As occupancy of any development is undertaken, this releases much needed housing stock into the local community which directly reduces the need for new housing, much of which might be constructed on Green Belt land.

During tough economic times, many households look to the security of their jobs and for those unfortunate enough to be unemployed, the introduction of new developments such as those led by Priory Asset Management, can only be seen as a positive contribution to the local employment pool and economy.

During both the construction phases and later upon completion when the facilities will be operational, there will be numerous employment opportunities for those people in the surrounding areas. There will also be the necessary supply chain for the running of the developments which will help ensure local businesses benefit from the new sites as well. PAM seeks to ensure that a minimum of 40% of the workforce employed in the construction of their developments are regionally based through the appointment of their main contractor.

The location of any Priory Asset Management development is carefully selected, often in semi-rural environments.

The developments undertaken by PAM are often on sites which have not been utilised or even made available to the general public for their own use.
As part of any new development, there is a strategy to create new public green spaces, which will enhance the areas that they are located. Such benefits will include:-

  • New paths and cycle ways
  • The creation of new and sympathetic landscapes which enhance the areas in which they are located
  • Improved views of the sites in which the developments are located
  • Enhancing and promoting the diversity and ecology of wildlife
  • The installation of networks of swales and attenuation lakes to contribute to sustainable drainage schemes
  • The planting of hundreds of new trees resulting in a contribution to government carbon gas retention targets both current and future

Amongst the various goals that Priory Asset Management has, a key target is supporting environmentally friendly developments and looking to a sustainable future.

Whilst we recognise our portfolio will not single handily change the world, we believe that if we adopt initiatives within a community, others will follow and in time, change will take place.

Where possible developments will include initiatives such as:-

  • The use of environmentally friendly building techniques
  • The use of air source heat pumps to reduce the amount of electricity required to produce heating and hot water
  • Installation of Photovoltaic panels to further reduce carbon emissions
  • Not using traditional power plants but new, energy efficient CHP (Combined Heat and Power) units which use their own by product, heat, which is normally wasted, to give overall efficiency of fuel use to more than 75% compared to around 30-50% from conventional electricity generation.
  • The supply of a number of electric pool cars to reduce problems associated with parking and traffic movements and is environmentally friendly