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Developing during COVID-19

02 June 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly changed the landscape of the property development market. Whilst some contractors decided to shut down their sites, Priory Asset Management (PAM) has been continuing to progress our sites through this difficult time. 

Our methods of working have had to change and materials were, at first, proving difficult to source as our suppliers and manufacturers struggled through this new, uncertain trading environment. However things are  certainly progressing at a healthy pace now, with operatives on our sites observing strict social distancing practises. 

Looking to the future we have been busy considering how a post-corona world might look. Could the design of our care homes play a vital role in protecting against such a prolific pandemic again? We have been researching the latest technology in UV light sterilisation as well as considering thermal screening cameras to check visitors for fevers. 

Who can say how long coronavirus will survive in the UK, it could be months, but experts cite that it is more likely to be years until we live in a world without this virus. Architects, developers and indeed contractors will all have to play their part in shaping safer homes for the future.